Sunday, 19 June 2011


Visa : applied for a business visa which needs..
                - 1 EP (from myself) Acceptance Note, 1 TN (from the company) Acceptance Note
                - 1 letter explaining the job description and details
                - 1 letter from my University stating proof of registration
                - 1 bank statement of my financial profile
                - completely filled out visa application form with a recent photo (taken at any photography store)
                - cost of application around CAD145
                - waiting time.. 5 to 7 business days at Indian Consulate in Ottawa

Travel Insurance : my local bank provides the service

Emergency Medical Insurance : provided by .. cheap and very necessary!

Vaccinations/Medications : travel clinic helped me out.. but double check what you need just in case, almost missed out on Malaria pills needed to be taken everyday in India.
i'm also bringing advil, tylenol, buckleys and the like because I know they work for me in times of need!

Contact List : includes all of the members of the AIESEC LC, the Canadian Embassy, and locations of local clinics

Cellphone : contact the company to receive cheap international texting for the months abroad

All the gear to venture through the monsoon season, repellants to keep the mosquitos at a distance, lengthy yet loose clothes for 40 degree weather, books for the 18 hour flight time
and SO much more.. but definitely can't forget all the souvenirs for those kids, they are what matters. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Taking the Chance

I will have to admit that if I was a person who needed to save money for education, who could barely afford an expensive rent, who poured over books to keep on top of school, and who would miss family and friends terribly if she/he was to leave this country.. I would probably not go on this trip. A weird thing, I am one of those people.
I had an intense feeling a little while ago that I needed to fulfill dreams I've had since I was a younger child, to travel abroad and begin to experience the lives of people in developping countries.
I felt a repetitiveness in my routine of life in this country that I needed to break. I knew that the opportunities to travel abroad and affect other people's lives were readily available to anyone who seeked to brave the shock of different cultures. I felt as though I had the potential to do more then read my Psychology books and sit at a desk throughout my summer vacation, probably filing papers and answering calls. Chance and luck led me to AIESEC in Ottawa. Although my budget was tight and my mind wandered to the loneliness this experience may be.. to the gruelling process of preparation, I shut my mind and listened to my intuitions.
AIESEC showed me their connections to hundreds and hundreds of places around the world that needed interns to help with projects. But only one traineeship was right for me, volunteering would give me the experience that my gut told me I needed.
The second I saw the description of the development traineeship in Delhi, India for AIESEC Delhi University, I knew I wanted it. We would be helping underprivileged children who live in the slums of Delhi, India. Becoming their psychological guide, providing them with hope and opportunities, activities that would make them feel joy and being cared for. Teaching them the basics, from hygiene to education, to love. Every time another expense comes my way, another vaccine, or complication in the process, I just remind myself that these are the people who are awaiting my help.
The interns will be living in a flat which is located in the centre of Delhi. To be honest I didn't even look into living conditions before I decided on this internship. I didn't even know for a while after I bought my ticket. I want to live in India without any type of luxury or special treatment. I want the raw experience of their culture, without the touristic eye. I will go to India with an open-mind, searching for any type of understanding of the history or culture that lies in the country. July 1st- my arrival date.. the time to start walking in a new direction down an unknown path. Can't wait for the heat of India.